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Are you struggling with your top line revenues? Then we need to talk.

coach-b-speaking-at-coaching-schoolIn today's highly competitive and difficult economic environment, achieving your revenue objectives and growing your business can be more challenging than ever before. Nothing comes easy in today's business world and if you've got a revenue problem in your company, chances are good you've got a sales problem.If this sounds like your situation, you and I need to talk.

As a "Sales Coach", I have been managing, educating and mentoring salespeople for over twenty years. I understand complex sales as well as those that are more simple and fundamental.  More importantly, I understand the impact of technology (the digital world we live in) and how the sales process has turned into much more of a buying process.  Today, salespeople do NOT control the sales process; they instead must learn how to manage the customer’s buying process!   This new model requires companies and their salespeople to re-evaluate everything from their marketing strategies to how they are selling whatever product or solution it is they may be selling.  More than ever, professional salespeople need to be effective communicators and experts when it comes to building relationships and earning the trust of the buyer.

In today's world, driving revenue and growing a company goes well beyond just sales - it is about embracing new technology and being able to “let go” of more traditional approaches to business development. Bottom line, if you are a company or an individual looking for help with some of the sales and/or business development challenges you are experiencing, calling me for a simple exploratory discussion may be the best move you can make.

Consider some of the ways I can potentially help you...

Sales Help

Development of Strategic Business Development and Sales Plans

Evaluation of and/or Development of Current Sales Methodology

Development of Executive Level Sales Presentations

Assessment of Sales Personnel (Sales Skills, Industry Knowledge, Professional Presence)

Sales "Performance Improvement" Education Leader

Development of Coaching/Sales Mentoring Skills for Sales Managers

Education on Contract Negotiation Skills

Business Development Help

Target Market Identification and Development of Value Proposition(s)

Territory Analysis and Development of Go-to-Market Strategy

Website Marketing/Sales Analysis and Re-Development

Creation of Sales and Marketing Budgets

Development of Sales Compensation Plans

Specialist in New Product Roll-Outs


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