The Missing Piece by Harold "Bud" Boughton

Our Search for Security in an Insecure World

The Missing Piece book imageHe started writing the book over 30 years ago. So why did he choose a theme and by-line for the book that would speak to the hearts of everyone living in today’s world? 

The Missing Piece – Our Search for Security in an Insecure World is a book whose content is as relevant today as it was when the author wrote it. Rated 5-Stars on and having sold out its first two editions, this is a book that speaks to the heart of every man and woman living in today’s world. As one reader described the book, ‘it’s almost like reading a modern day version of Ecclesiastes.’ Not realizing it when he wrote the book, even the author now agrees, “Its content is timeless.”  

The Missing Piece begins with a short story about a grandfather and his grandson spending a very special day together. While inclement weather forces them to change their plans, the grandfather demonstrates a certain resilience and wisdom that not only speak to his grandson, but to the reader as well. 

In Part II of the book, the author has us take a closer look at the grandfather from the short story and uses him to help us examine the various aspects of our own lives and all that we pursue in an attempt to make sense of our existence in this world. Be it our education, our careers, financial security, our relationships, marriage, our role as parents and more, in discussing these aspects of our lives he shares a personal epiphany – In this life there are no ‘real’ guarantees.

Which leads us to Part III of the book where the author speaks to something far more important than security, something he calls The Other Missing Peace. Here, the author shares some personal insights and experiences from which he has learned three major life lessons; lessons that changed his life. 

Maybe best of all, this book has a strong message of hope. The author has a strong personal belief that as good or bad as life might be at any given moment in time, we must live our lives with the attitude and the belief that tomorrow always holds the promise and the The Missing Piece potential to be better than today. This belief is brought to life in the short story, the final chapter of the book and in the epilogue.

Want to know more about The Missing Piece….here is an excerpt:

When we do come to the end of our days, we will want to know: Did my life really matter? What did I do that was worthwhile and made this world a better place than when I was born into it? Did others love me and did I show them  love? Did I ever really find my missing peace?

What others have said about The Missing Piece

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"Just finished Harold Bud Boughton's amazing book "The Missing Piece". I couldn't put it down and really found its style and message to be comprehensible as well as relatable. It offered important messages supported with well versed narrative. I'm really glad it was my first book of the year and I hope you all take the time to give it a read! Thanks Bud!"

Dakota Roberts

"If you are interested in marriage, divorce, parenting, business, faith, personal finance, or just lessons in living, Mr. Boughton's book provides that and more.  His style will cause you to methodically explore the quality of your life, your relationships, and your existence.  Mr. Boughton states that he wishes '…to give people the hope that tomorrow can always be better than today.'  He succeeds."

K. Mark Loyd, Former Judge Johnson County Circuit Court, Franklin, Indiana

"The Missing Piece is fresh, insightful and thought-provoking. And, best of all, it makes perfect sense. This book just might be ‘The Missing Piece’ that will make your life more productive and satisfying."

The Rev. Joe Beavon, Th.D. Retired United Methodist Minister

"The experiences Bud shares in The Missing Piece aren't of the shipwreck-survival-harrowing-rescue-from-Everest variety. Rather, they are experiences all of us face as human beings: illness; death; loss; divorce and the challenges of intergenerational relationships. Bud relates his process of growth and the insights that he's developed in a fashion that will help readers make sense of their own networks of relationships and experiences"

Charles D. Frame, Ph.D. Center for Healthcare Leadership Emory University School of Medicine