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Bud Boughton, author of several books, grew up in a typical, middle-class family in Kenmore, New York (suburb of Buffalo), Bud Boughton was a product of the home life and value systems that characterized the American way of life in the late fifties and early sixties. He had loving, supportive parents and attended quality public schools where he got an excellent foundation for his academic pursuits later in life. He excelled both academically and athletically in his youth and played five different sports over the course of his high school career. He then went on to college where he pretty much paid for his entire college education on athletic scholarships (football). He was the first-ever Academic All-American Football Player at Ashland College (now Ashland University, Ashland, OH) and played in the 1972 All-Ohio Shrine Bowl at Ohio State University. He went on to coach college football while he was in Graduate School as he completed his Master’s degree. While in graduate school, Bud had several of his papers published but it wasn’t until later in life that he felt the need to try and write a book.

The decision came after he went through a difficult divorce in 1988. Disappointed about the failure of his marriage and the break-up of his family, and feeling almost an entire loss of his identity as husband, father, protector and provider, he decided to write a book.  The Missing Piece – Our Search for Security in an Insecure World was published in 2002 by Lucky Press LLC in Lancaster, OH.  Essentially, the book is an examination of how each and every one of us, in our own way, seeks to find a certain “sense of security” in what has become a very hectic, fast-paced, insecure world.  With no budget for any sort of marketing campaign, Bud did a number of book signings and surprisingly the book sold out its complete inventory in roughly 26 months. Rated 5-Stars on Amazon.com, a second edition of the book was released in 2012 and its complete inventory has also sold out.

Several years after the initial release of The Missing Piece, Bud decided to tackle writing a “Leadership” book, something he had always wanted to do.  But rather than write the typical “how to be a leader” kind of book, he wrote a short novel and embedded his leadership message in the story.  Dad’s Last Letter – Leadership Principles for the Next Generation was published in 2005 by AuthorHouse and has also earned a 5-Star rating on Amazon.com.  Dad’s Last Letter is an inspirational story about a terminally ill father who is confronted unexpectedly with the challenge of somehow making his life count for something in a very short period of time (24 hours). Ultimately, Dad’s Last Letter is a book about   fatherly love, principles of leadership and the Christian faith.  In the end, it is really a book about hope.

Bud’s third and newest book is entitled Coaching is Teaching at its Best!  In this short, easy-to-read book, Bud shares a simple coaching philosophy and 10 Tips that can help any youth sports coach in ANY sport be a better teaching coach.  In writing this book, Bud’s goal was to improve the overall quality of the youth sports experience for young boys and girls by improving the leadership (coaching) at the youth sports level. Simply stated, “If we want to improve the quality of the youth sports experience, we need to improve the quality of the coaching.” Coaching is Teaching at its Best! was published in 2016 by IBJ Book Publishing and can be purchased on amazon by clicking this link.  Or, you can pick up a copy from his online store.

As a thought leader in the areas of sales, business development, marketing, coaching and leadership development, Bud has had numerous articles published and his comments and opinions have appeared on the pages of FORTUNE magazine, INC. magazine, Sales and Marketing Management, and ETHIX MAGAZINE to name a few.  For two years, he also wrote a column for Indy Prime Times, a monthly publication published by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

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