Coaching Is Teaching At It's Best

A Guide for Youth Coaches in ALL Sports



Youth Sports in America is part of the very fabric of American life. All across our great country children, some as young as 5 years old, are engaged in youth sports leagues and activities. Football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, softball, competitive swimming and diving, track and field, rugby, wrestling, golf, tennis, virtually every sport is now being played in America as an "organized" youth sport. And yes, it has advanced to a level where the play is highly competitive including travel tournaments and even national championships in some sports. But, if your child or grandchild is going to have a quality, fun learning experience (and yes, it should be fun!) that helps them learn the valuable lessons of teamwork, fundamentals, and good sportsmanship, it will largely come down to the quality of the leadership on his or her will come down to the coach.

Coaching is Teaching at its Best is a quick, easy-to-read guide that  can help any youth sports coach be a better teaching coach, that is, a coach who teaches his young athletes in such a way that they learn the key fundamentals of whatever sport it is they are playing and the valuable life lessons that can be learned through participation in competitive athletics. At the same time, it is critical that young people enjoy their youth sports experience so that at the end of the season they will most likely want to continue playing that sport in the future. Written by a former college athlete and coach who also has coached youth sports and is now a certified official with both USA Hockey and US Lacrosse, this book provides a sound, coaching philosophy and 10 Tips to help any youth coach be the youth coach you would want your son or daughter to play for.

Soon to be available as a downloadable e-book or in paperback form, this guide could be the key to making youth sports in America better than ever.

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"This book would have been an invaluable tool to have when I first got into coaching with my kids in soccer, softball, hockey, baseball and ultimately, in running. Coaching is Teaching at its Best is a must-read for youth coaches in any sport and I would suggest that youth sports organizations in all sports consider this book as a resource guide for their coaches. Bud, you have hit a home-run, a slap-shot in the upper corner, a three pointer form half-court, and a hole-in-one with this book! Awesome is the one word I wrote on the last page!"

Adam Kreuzman Former Youth Coach, Certified USA Hockey Official, Runner of 60+ Marathons

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