Bud Boughton - Casual ShotMy Personal Commitment to Every Client I Work With

Honesty, Integrity and Respect for the individual

A mission statement and ethics matters! This is what you CAN expect:

  • A candid, honest assessment of your business and every facet of your operation that you would like me to assess
  • Straightforward questions that are designed to make you think about the business you are in and why you are doing things the way you are doing
  • Absolute confidentiality regarding any information you share with me during the course of my engagement with your organization
  • Responsiveness and all the professional courtesies you would expect in a professional business engagement
  • Clear, concise, honest feedback regarding issues that may be affecting the performance of your personnel and your organization
  • Respect for you, your people and everything you have done to make your organization what it is today
  • A real world approach that provides for ongoing analysis and the metrics necessary to determine your ROI for my services
  • And last but not least, the integrity that says if I do not believe I can help you and your company in any way, I will tell you so before we enter into any type of engagement

"In businesss, as in life, it is often times not so much what we do that matters, but instead, how we do what we do."

-Harold "Bud" Boughton

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