Thank You Expert Access Radio – You made me think…

Today I did a taped interview for Expert Access Radio, a radio broadcast that will air this Sunday, February 19th at 4 PM on 55KRC out of Cincinnati, Ohio (go to  The interview was in regard to the re-release of my first book, The Missing Piece – Our Search for Security in an Insecure World. The co-hosts, Steve Kayser and Jay McKeever, were really good guys to work with. They were fun, had a lot of energy and they asked some really great questions. In fact, they made me…THINK.

Whenever I prepare for a radio/TV interview or public appearance regarding one of my books, I always go back through the book to re-familiarize myself with some of the material I have written. Ultimately, the The Missing Piece is a book about hope and it reminds us that there is always the possibility that tomorrow can be just a little bit better than today. The book is filled with real-life examples of the many challenges we face, the priorities we set for ourselves, and the choices we make as we seek some sense of security in our life.  In the end, I talk about finding something far more valuable than security, something I refer to as the other missing peace.

As part of our discussion today, I believe it was Jay asked the question, “What is the difference in managing your life versus leading your life?”  An excellent question and fortunately it is one I felt fairly competent in answering, but it didn’t end there.  You see, based upon my answer, when the interview was over, I suddenly felt the need to ask myself, “Well Bud, what have you been doing the last 30-60-90 days, managing your life or leading it?”

You see, in our hectic, fast-paced world that is filled with constant change, it is the rare occasion when we put down our smartphone, stare off into the distance and just take the time to THINK. Today, two total strangers made me THINK and I am thankful that they did.

How about you?  Are you ready to turn off your smartphone for 10 solid minutes, shutdown your ipad or laptop, forget about Tweets and Facebook and just THINK about your life and what you are doing with it?  You ought to try it; it just might be the best 10 minutes you have spent in a long time.

Until next time, don’t waste your flavor – LIVE Deliciously! 
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Harold “Bud” Boughton is a “man of faith” who has served others as a senior executive, an assistant college football coach and Team Chaplain, and as a certified official with both USA Hockey and US Lacrosse. He currently serves as a Business Development Representative for Shine.FM radio, a community-supported, not-for-profit Christian radio station affiliated with Olivet Nazarene University. His latest book, Coaching is Teaching at its Best! is a book that can improve the leadership/coaching model in both athletics and business and in doing so, improve player/employee performance and engagement. You can learn more about Bud at his website:

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